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Charlie Bears: A Time and Age Novel by Suzanne Collins

charlie bears 2021

Charlie Bears: A Time and Age Novel is a sequel to Charlie Bear’s Land and written by Suzanne Collins. The story of Charlie and his friends will be told through the journal entries of a man called Nick. It is also revealed that there was a twenty-four-year-old named Matt who along with his best friend Charlie became the newest triplets in a long line of children who were placed in a guardianship program for three years. When the original three bears left the land, they left behind their son Koda, who had grown up into a handsome young man called Max. When the original three bears returned they left behind three more children named Taffy, Kingston, and Tyson.

How to Know About Charlie Bears

Charlie and his friends are still quite young when the time of the original three bears came about and since then there has been a big change in the world. Three new bears called Viv, Muff and Lyri have been born and placed into the care of a man calledMax who lives in the woods. Because of the presence of the three new triplets Charlie and his friends must continue to take care of the youngsters while they are being raised by Max. The story kicks off after Viv and Muff were left alone in the woods near their home and the trio decided to go exploring on their newly transformed puberty.

Although I do believe this book is quite imaginative and a fun read for the kids, there are probably some parents who would not find the storyline too appealing. For them this book would probably need a little bit of work and effort on their part in understanding it. If you want your children to learn something new about their beloved charlie bears 2021 and other animals then this book is definitely for you. If not you can always check out the Hugo Award winning 2021 novel called Charlie and The Three Musketeers.