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The Pirate Bay is Now Accessible Via a New Url on the Onion

new url for the pirate bay

┬áNew url for the pirate bay is now accessible via a new url on the onion. With this change, those who have trouble accessing the site from other countries can now use this url. This change also gives people the ability to bookmark this new address, and the website has not yet experienced any takedowns. It is worth noting that the old onion url still exists, so it should not be completely thrown out. If you’re interested in downloading torrents, make sure you bookmark the new one!

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It is important to note that The Pirate Bay may not always contain the torrents you’re looking for. Its library includes new releases and popular shows, but if you’re searching for obscure titles, you might need to try other sites. The Pirate Bay is frequently taken offline for a week and then moved to another server, which helps prevent legal action. In case of a shutdown, however, you can still access the website through one of the mirror sites, which will keep it up and running.

Another way to access the site is to sign up for a membership on Bibliotik. This site offers the largest collection of audiobook and ebook torrents. You’re likely to find what you’re looking for, even if you don’t know the exact titles. While some torrents are perfectly legal, many aren’t. To join, you must be invited by an existing member. You can also send letters or gifts to Warg, who has been in jail for copyright violations.


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