Finding an Accredited Lectrician on Your Area


Finding an Accredited Lectrician on Your Area

Finding an Accredited Lectrician on Your Area

The mission of “Hudson Electric” Northern Beaches Electical Consultants in West Seattle is to provide quality electrician service to residential customers and businesses within the regions of King County, Skokie, Washington State. “Hudson Electric” specializes in high voltage powerline installation, circuit breaker panel repair, total system redesign and design, and electro-optic transfer systems integration. They have located King Street in West Seattle, and are located about a block and a half west of the Space Needle at the southern end of Hillman Avenue. This company prides themselves on providing “electricity faster than lightning”, “electrically fast-paced service with unbeatable prices,” and the latest in technology and design. They value their customer’s satisfaction, and their commitment to continually meet or beat the expectations of the customer by upgrading equipment when necessary.


“Hudson Electric”, like all the other “Hudson Electric”, offers a full range of services, including but not limited to: Ground Works, Aerial Power, and Electromagnetic interference testing & inspection, Lightening protection for buildings and homes, Plumbing, Cable TV, Fixtures, Electrical repairs, and Insulation. All of these electrical solutions are provided by experienced, licensed electricians, and our skilled technicians are committed to providing each customer with the highest quality workmanship and excellent customer service. Each of our highly trained and skilled electricians has been thoroughly trained to handle any situation that may arise. Our goal is to always exceed your expectations, and keep you satisfied. Simply contact them today to get an idea of our total service package and get started!


If you are interested in learning more about the companies that make up thelectrician association of Puget Sound, it is important to learn all about the organization and what they do. Among other valuable services they provide are safety courses, seminars, and workshops. They also offer many inexpensive professional consultation sessions that are available to all residents. Their mission is to promote professionalism in electrical work in the community and to advocate for all residents in their communities. If you would like to learn more about finding a great northern beaches electrical work, then contact this excellent company today!

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