Full Hair Regrowth


Full Hair Regrowth

Full Hair Regrowth is the ultimate solution for people looking to regain a full head of hair. Unfortunately there are few products on the market which are capable of providing a complete cure for hair loss. Most products are designed to simply treat thin hair, offering little in the way of hair growth. The only problem with this type of product is that hair will usually re-grow much thicker than it did previously. This is because the hair follicles are not being stimulated sufficiently to replace the hair they have lost.

How it Can Make You Feel Better About Your Hair

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Full Hair Regrowth uses a special blend of Keratin proteins and enzymes which causes an increase in hair fibres production. Toppiki Fibers also combine with your current hair, instantly creating thick and full hair without using chemicals or surgery. This unique formulation is infused with several vitamins, minerals, herbs and amino acids, all working together to ensure the thickest and most vibrant hair possible. These hair fibres are woven in with your natural hair to create a completely natural look, which does not look artificial at all.

By using our specially formulated blend of Keratin proteins, the process allows your hairs to create a chemical reaction which allows them to attach to and strengthen hair follicles. This makes new hair fibres much stronger, allowing them to grow much thicker than normal. As the follicles become strong and longer, they can then support more strands of hair, which helps to make your head thicker and fuller. No other product on the market can offer you this sort of return on your investment.

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