Podiatry Leichhardt – A hub of excellence in the Australian State


Podiatry Leichhardt – A hub of excellence in the Australian State

Podiatry Leichhardt

Podiatry Leichhardt is a specialized branch of medicine that concentrates on the correction and prevention of disorders and injuries of the foot and ankle through the correction of the structural, physiological and orthotic aspects of the foot structure and related physiology. Podiatry involves the study and diagnosis of human foot disorders and diseases and their treatment. It comprises a diversified body of knowledge including pediatrics, geriatrics, orthopedics, cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, psychiatry, orthopedic surgery, orthopedic pathology and physiology.


Podiatry Leichhardt provides complete medical education to its students under the direction of a qualified podiatrist. This means that from the moment when patients arrive at the clinic for consultation and examination, the doctors are able to diagnose the problem and refer them to the appropriate specialist for a proper cure. Podiatry in Leichhardt caters to the diverse requirements of the various individuals by offering a variety of specialized treatment options, such as arthroscopic and corrective surgeries, joint replacements, metatarsal fractures, plantar fasciitis, heel and ankle braces, fractures of the foot and many more. Apart from offering a complete medical education, all the Podiatry Schools associated with Podiatry Leichhardt have well-developed faculties that offer additional educational opportunities and post-graduate diploma courses, for the students interested in specializing in specific areas of podiatry. Some of the prominent Podiatry Schools in Australia are –


Apart from providing complete medical education, the competent Podiatry School also ensures that its students have excellent hand-eye coordination, manual dexterity, reflexes and other mental aptitude that enable them to carry out a wide range of tasks related to the treatment of human foot disorders and injuries. The chiropractors who practice in these Podiatry Schools are qualified and trained to perform a wide range of podiatric treatments like treating fractures, sprains, stress fractures, injured and dislocated feet, metatarsal fractures, corns and calluses, hammer toe and more. Some of the most important tasks of a Podiatrist include performing diagnostic procedures, ordering lab tests, x-rays, making the diagnosis and prescribing the treatment for the patients. Most of the podiatric practitioners prefer using soft-tissue manipulation techniques to correct physical abnormalities and pain in the foot. Some of the common therapies employed by podiatric practitioners include joint stabilization, ultrasound therapy, laser therapy, therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation.

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