The City of San Francisco on the Pacific Ocean


The City of San Francisco on the Pacific Ocean

If you have just taken a holiday in San Jose, you may want to consider the wonderful experience of visiting one of the most beautiful places in San Jose California that is known as Capitola Beach. The road between the Westlands Park and the Capitola National Recreation Area takes about two hours and covers a very large area of land. The road is in good condition, the scenery picturesque, and offers some spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. There are about four major hotels in San Jose, and each one has its own unique style of beach front accommodation. There are a couple of good hotels in Capitola which are right on the beach, offering excellent access to the beach, and you can easily find parking. Follow this link to get all updates.

Do Things To Do In Capitola Better Than Barack Obama

The main beach area of Capitola Beach has two distinct sections, the east side is less developed and shaded by trees and the west side is where the real action is at. This part of the beach has clean white sand beaches with rock walls along the water’s edge, which creates an authentic feel of what California used to look like many years ago. Several hundred years ago, these white sand beaches were used for the popular Esplanade, which is the white sand beach between the two rock walls. The main street that goes into Capitola is the Esplanade, and from here, you can stroll all the way along the water’s edge to the boardwalk at the bottom of the cliffs.

You can get some beautiful photographs at the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean in the town of Capitola, and there are many interesting sites near the ocean including an old lighthouse with beautiful brick walls and an observation tower. While you are vacationing in San Jose, you may also want to visit the historic district of San Miguel de Allende, which is only a few blocks away from Capitola Beach. Some of the historical sites include the Museum of History, San Miguel Pastry Restaurant, and the Museum of Arts and Design.

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