Violin Lessons at the LvL Music Academy


Violin Lessons at the LvL Music Academy

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There are several violin lessons Singapore options to choose from, but one that stands out from the rest is the LvL Music Academy. This school prides itself on its technical excellence, encouraging children to develop their passion for music and making lessons fun. Located in a quiet area, this academy’s instructors are able to work with any student, no matter their level of proficiency. There are even classes for babies! Find out –

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The school’s lead violin instructor, Shao-Wen, graduated from Columbia University with a Master’s degree in Choral Studies. His extensive lessons in music theory and violin techniques are tailored to meet the needs of each student. Every student receives one-on-one attention from a dedicated instructor. The music school offers private lessons and group classes, with a focus on individual learning and skill development.

Violin lessons in Singapore are taught by experienced instructors with extensive experience. Each student will benefit from clear learning objectives and affordable fees. Violin Lessons Singapore offers an effective approach to teaching the instrument for students of all ages. They implement the suzuki method, which focuses on encouraging the student to develop. They are also committed to maintaining a warm and friendly learning environment for students. It is essential to select a private violin teacher for your child to avoid disappointment later on.

Private violin lessons offer a more personalized learning experience. A good teacher will cover all of the skills a student needs to excel at the instrument. The teacher will teach at the student’s pace and provide hands-on guidance to ensure the proper fingering, dexterity, and technique. This will make learning the violin more enjoyable for the student. However, private lessons aren’t as easy as DIY violin learning.

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